About Lou Simeone

simeone-working-in-studioMy passion for art goes back to when I was a kid. I used to sit for hours everyday, drawing Disney and Looney Tunes characters. At that time I always dreamt of being an animator for Disney. As a teenager my interests changed, and my sights turned to the album cover artwork of bands like Iron Maiden, Nazareth and Molly Hatchet. One of my favorite album covers was Ozzy Osbourne's, The Ultimate Sin, illustrated by the all time great, Boris Vallejo. And so, like many teenage artists at that time, I would spend my days listening to music and copying album artwork. I can't tell you how many times I drew Iron Maiden's Eddie. Derek Riggs is one of my favorite artists.

My studio is located about two hours outside of Atlanta. Hyped-up and super charged on coffee, I’m usually at my desk making the kind of art that priests and nuns look at, shake their heads, and make the sign of the cross. And I make that art for skateboards, stickers, posters - all the cool stuff I drooled over as a kid. I love to create art that makes eyeballs pop out of sockets and brains bust out of skulls. Making the kind of art that I loved as a kid is a dream for me. I love what I do and that passion shines through in all of my work. Enjoy my art – and thank you for supporting an independent artist.

Simeone Graphix - an Atlanta based studio making art you can stick, ride, wear & hang.

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